Mission towards zero waste

We have a mixture of plastic, glass and biodegradable packaging options for our products. We have phased out plastic shipping materials and want to lessen our impact on this planet. We are always talking with suppliers about non-plastic alternatives but haven't had success with finding any that function properly with our current needs.
We currently have a recycling program through TerraCycle for deodorant tubes. We will provide $2 credit for each tube returned to us, whether it is an American Provenance tube or another brand.
We have biodegradable deodorant tubes as an alternative option to our plastics tubes. While they are a great option for reducing plastic, they have shortcomings with their designs and aren’t as functional as traditional deodorant tubes.
We recognize the challenges facing our planet due to single use plastics and want to find a way to lessen our impact while we search for plastic alternatives that function better than our current ones.


American Provenance placed the order for the recovery of 2200 lb on July 08 2020


Cleanhub engaged its collecting and sorting partners in Kerala, India to fulfill the order


The volumes will be collected by women self-help groups in Edavanna, India.


The collected plastic will be sorted into recyclables and non-recyclables in Kozhikode, India


What can be recycled, will be recycled. The material that can’t be recycled will be co-processed by Geocycle India. During Co-Processing the plastic waste is turned into energy without sending any residues to landfills.

1. Collection: Edavanna, India

It all started with Jabir Karat, Founder and CEO of Green Worms Waste Management. With the vision for a world with zero-waste he started Green Worms.

The company runs door-to-door collection services to intercept waste even before it enters the environment. The collection efforts are performed by women self-help groups - giving employment opportunities to the most vulnerable.

2. Sorting: Kozhikode, India

After collection the material is sorted into recyclables and non recyclables. The recyclables are sold on local scrap markets, while the non-recyclables are sent to co-Processing.

Co-processing refers to the recycling of mineral materials and recovery of energy within one single industrial process. The system relies on contributions from companies to cover the costs for collection, sorting and logistics. Every contribution helps Greenworms to expand the model across India - to intercept plastic waste before it is littered and at risk to enter the environment.

3. Logistics & Safe Recovery

Geocycle runs logistics and ensures the safe recovery of all plastic waste.

Geocycle (LaFargeHolcim) offers leading waste treatment solutions based on a unique industrial process called co-processing. It refers to the simultaneous recycling of mineral materials and recovery of energy within one single industrial process: cement manufacturing.